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Tourist Attrations

Khajuraho Sculpture, Khajuraho TravelsState Museum of Tribal & Folk Arts
A fine collection of masterpieces of tribal and folk art and artifacts from all over Madhya Pradesh is on display at the Chandela Cultural Complex. The tradition of tribal and folk arts and crafts has evolved over centuries. It represents the best of Indian culture and tradition and its synthesis with foreign cultures that came through trade and invasions. Hurry to visit the video bingo and start winning, don’t miss your chance!

The State Museum has more than 500 representative items of terracotta, metal craft, woodcraft, tribal and folk paintings, tattoos, jewellery and masks.

The architectural style of the Khajuraho temples is very different from the temple prototype of that period. Each stands, instead of within the customary enclosure, on a high masonry platform. Combined with the upward direction of the structure, which is further accentuated by vertical projections, the total effect is one of grace and lightness, reminiscent of the Himalayan peaks. Each of the chief compartments has its own roof, grouped in such a way that the highest is in the centre, the lowest over the portico, a triumph of skill and imagination in recreating the rising peaks of a range.

Panna National Park

Complementing the man made perfection of the Khajuraho temples, is the dramatic scenic splendour of Panna National Park, 32 km away. A mere 30-minute drive away from Khajuraho and extending over 543 km, spread along the banks of the River Ken, the park’s topography is a magnificent one of deep gorges, tranquil valley and dense teak forests.

Tiger, Panna National ParkDuring the monsoons, the park is a lush green haven with cascading waterfalls. The park’s area includes the former shooting reserves of the erstwhile royal state of Panna and Chhattarpur and the jungles today harbour many species of wildlife. The tiger can be glimpsed here, along with other rare species such as the Leopard, Wolf and Gharial. Most likely, it will be here if the Caracal, a vanishing cousin of the extinct Cheetah, is ever sighted.

Herds of Blue Bulls, Chinkaras and Sambars are a common sight. The Wild Boar, the Sloth Bear, the Cheetal, the Chowsingha, the Indian Fox, the Porcupine, and a host of lesser fauna are also seen.

A separate sanctuary for Gharial has been set up. The park can probably boast of the highest density of the Paradise Fly-Catchers. This rich avian and faunal life combined with its picturesque scenery make a visit to the Park a memorable one.

Raneh Falls
Raneh Falls ( 19 kms ) on the ken river are famous fror their rock formations. The main attraction is a 5 – km – long, 100 – foot – deep canyon made of pure crystalline granite in varying sahdes of colors ranging pink and red to grey.

A series of seasonal waterfalls surrounded by jungles make it an ideal picnic spot.